Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hoorrey!!! Xuan Maintained her Position

Yesterday was my daughter's Report Card day. Due to her August Exam result was not excellent, I expect she will not maintain her position.
When I take a look at the Repord ! she managed! She is no.5 position in her class and no. 28 in whole standard one. Not too bad.I am vert happy for her.
When the daddy came back, after announced her result, she asked for a present! Daddy asked her to think what she wants to see whether it is a reasonable present. Let's wait what see wants.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hong Leong Perfect Lady Plan

This is the plan that I bought & used it when I delivered my two kids. The plan is good. It really help me to save $$MONEY$$. Now that I decided to become the part time agent as I am able to speak for the product. Some friends that believe me were benefited when they deliver baby. Sad thing is they are small group of them think it is too good to be true!!!

Estee Lauder "The Ultimate Party Makeover Workshop"

Last Sunday, hubby registered me for the above workshop. In this short workshop (only 2 1/2 hrs), they have engaged Ms Wendy Lee as our facilitator. She is sharing with us on How To Break The Ice in Party, Body Gesture, The Art Of Mingling and How To Dress-up for The Party. Thsi will folloed by the makeover for the party. Due to time constraints, they focus only on EYES Make-up (A Party Look Eyes). In fect, it is a very daring eyes make-up. Last but not least, there was a fashion shoe by WAREHOUSE.Overall, the workshop was GREAT!!
We had purchased some cosmetics for myself.Feeling great. It has been so long that I have not buying BRANDED cosmatics.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Learning to become a full time mother

I quited my job in February 2009, after CNY. As all this while do not do a lot of hoise work, it really a test for me. Nevetheless, I willing to try out :Life As A Full Time Mother" because I do want to give the best to my two lovely kids and my hubby.
Initially it is a bit hard as all things are not in order. Now.. after 9 months, things seem getting smooth and I can see my two kids progression. Xuan has done well in her 1/2 year exam. She is number 4 in her class and no.25 inthe whole std one (total 400++ students). As she is one year younger than all her friends (she is now 6), her class teacher commented that she is consider very good.
Just now before going to bed, she told me that she is a bit worry as this time her total marks have dropped a bit. She wonder she still able to remain top 5 in her class. Tomorrow teacher is going to give her Report Book, then she would be able to know her position. We spend some time talking and finally she fall to sleep.. Sometimes I do wonder whether we have put her to school too early... Well what ever it is, I still believe she will be doing well.
As for Howie, he is a brave and steady boy. He represent his class for the speech and also act as leader in his class year end dancing performance. His simple speech is "Good Morning parents and teachers. My name is Howie from Tulip Class. Now we are going to perform a dance from the movie "Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kids. Thank you." He look at the audience and speak aloud. I am very proud of him.
With all these, I am glad that I have made the right decision to let go my "Marketing Manager" position for my two kids.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Excursion Programme

Time is flying... I have involved in Kindergarten for a month. Last month was very challenging. From corporate change to kindergarten. Everyday wake up at 6.30am and starting leaving my house latest at 7.10am.

Even though long working hours, I do enjoy my working environment. All children are lovely.
Last week, the school had Excursion Programme to Taman Pertanian (Bukit Cahaya). Total 119 students participated. Their ages ranging from 3-6 years old.
We departed from school sharp at 9am. See how happy the children in the Bus.

The Toddler Class children are enjoying Mini Zoo at Bukit Cahaya. They are watching Parrot, Donkey, Horses, Monkeys....

Watching Parrot...

Wow...Teacher Teacher.. Got Deers !!

Horses & Donkey.....

Cute Little Rabbit ...
Next... they went to Paddy Field to learn about Paddy.

About 12pm. Everyone of us are exhaused. Time to proceed to MacDonald for Lunch!!!! Yummy Yummy.....

Reached school around 1.40pm..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Company Teambuilding

Ya hoo!! Finally received email on Teambuilding Pictures.

We attended Teambuilding organised by National Marketing & Admission. The purpose of the teambuilding is to create cohensive environment in our company and have bonding among all departments.
It is a 2 1/2 days training in Awana Genting. On the 1st day, everyone is keeping to themselves or only stay close with their team. Somehow the games were being structured that all team members must work together to go through obstacle. And at certain level, within own team members togetherness was not enough. It needs other team members help. Initially some of the team member still refuse to help by saying "No Way!! We are not helping".. .. but it come to realised that the task will never be able to complete without helping each other (different team).

All teams must help each other to create win-win situation.. Since then, all realised that in order to win, we all must be "AS ONE". This teambuilding was very GREAT.

We end the sessions with Fun, Sense of Bonding and Knowing Each Other from other campuses.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Ah Boy's New Kindergarten

Lately, I discovered that Ah Boy is growing up and many times he feels restless at home. Then he started to disturb his sister, like to play 'fighting-fighting' with people, self-centered ..... I think it is time to send him to Kiddy. To develop his social skill, interactive skill and other developments such as physical, intellectual, social, emotional, aesthetic and creativity. One kiddy that I have shortlisted is Eduland Puchong. Not far away from my home.
Hope Ah boy will like it.